Studio Portrait Photography

Model portrait shoot

I had a great day at The Interlude recently, a nightclub venue in Leicester with interesting backdrops and refreshments on tap! Thanks to all involved – from the event organisers and professional models to other photographers who kindly shared tips and tricks on lighting.

Portrait and portfolio shoots are available using an Oxford studio or out on location, contact me for details.


Model Magic

Oxford studio shoot

Natural light not behaving? As an outdoor photographer I’m used to visiting and re-visiting a site waiting for the perfect light. Well, thanks to Sabel at Studio Blanco I was able to get a taste of working in a much more controlled environment. During an open evening with professional model, Ella Rose, I was guided through a studio set-up with advice on lighting and posing a subject. This Oxford studio is ideally located for me to expand my art and portrait photography so if you are an artist/model needing craft/portfolio shots then please get in touch.