Itchy Feet Photography gets a Facelift!

My first blog post from 13th July 2009 opened with ‘Itchy Feet Photography Refreshed!’. I had just stepped up from a homemade website to hosting my images with the US company PhotoShelter. Exactly five years on (to the day – spookily!) the site has undergone a major upgrade and is now powered by PhotoDeck.

Itchy Feet Photography Website
The new look Itchy Feet Photography site

Any photographer interested in having an online presence will be aware that many hosting solutions are available. The list is long but examples include Clikpic, SmugMug, Squarespace and Zenfolio, through to powerful blogging platforms like WordPress. I had experimented with several trials and found that PhotoShelter offered the best overall fit for design, e-commerce (for selling images online) and search-engine-optimisation (SEO). I had been delighted with the service offered by PhotoShelter but as more and more people began viewing my site on handheld tablets and mobile devices I became aware that it wasn’t keeping up with advances in web design. Enter PhotoDeck.

PhotoDeck sites are responsive meaning that pages have a fluid layout, resizing to fit small and large screen devices. PhotoShelter developed their own responsive platform but it was not well received by many photographers, myself included. I personally feel they have sacrificed crucial elements of e-commerce and SEO over design. Hopefully these issues will be addressed but I needed to move on.

First impressions of PhotoDeck

• Clear, clean, responsive design
• Lightning fast page loads
• Improved navigation
• Image sales made easy

First impressions are all very positive. It will be interesting to review my sites performance over the coming months, new content has been added and I’m working on two more galleries that will appear soon. In the meantime, please take a tour of itchyfeetphotography, I’d love to hear your feedback on how the site looks and behaves!


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