Conservation…Kenyan style!

Daniel Letoiye speaking at Earthwatch

An inspirational Kenyan, Daniel Letoiye, visited the Earthwatch office in Oxford to give a presentation on his developing career in conservation. From volunteering on a project studying Grevy’s Zebra, Dan is now manager of a community conservancy and has received a small grant to undertake research towards his Master’s degree in Conservation and Rural Development. As Daniel explained, his education began after a childhood accident with fire. He badly burnt his legs and, being unable to join his brothers herding cattle, was sent off to school. The resulting journey – from Samburu, Kenya to Summertown, Oxford – is quite a story!

I visited Kenya in 2004, marvelling at the endless sky and wide open plains of the Masai Mara. It was fantastic to watch thunder storms light up the horizon as our jeep swept through a landscape alive with predator and prey. The picture shown below was taken moments before a swift but unforgettable encounter with a cheetah; the big cat disappearing into long grass as quickly as the golden light faded.

Acacia tree silhouette at sunset, Masai Mara, Kenya


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