Ghost Forest

'Ghost Forest' Exhibition, Oxford Museum of Natural History

The lawn in front of Oxford’s Museum of Natural History is witness to huge tree stumps uprooted from  a commercially logged rainforest in Ghana. The installation, that has previously been seen in Trafalgar Square and in Copenhagen for the UN climate conference, aims to visually express the connection between deforestation and climate change.

The destruction of tropical rainforests releases nearly one-fifth of all man-made greenhouse gases. In the  past 50 years Ghana has lost 90% of its primary rainforests  and an estimated 60% of this is through illegal logging. It’s scary to remember as a child being told that an area of rainforest the size of a football pitch is being destroyed every four seconds. This rate hasn’t subsided and equates to an area the size of England being wiped out every year – and lost forever.

For more details of the installation visit


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