Rhesus Donor

Face of Rhesus Macaque Monkey

ARKive bills itself as the ‘Noah’s Ark for the internet era’ and is a fantastic multi-media collection documenting rare and endangered species. Having an active interest in wildlife conservation I was happy to hear that several of my images have been added to their collection, including the above rhesus macaque. These monkeys gave their name to the Rh factor, which enabled doctors to determine different blood groups in humans. They were also the first monkeys to be rocketed into space!

This particular shot was taken on ‘Monkey Island’ in the Halong Bay area of Northern Vietnam. Cat Ba National Park is home to the critically endangered golden-headed langur, one of the rarest (and most camera shy – as none could be found!) primates in the world. A mixed troop of Rhesus and Long-tailed Macaques proved much more inquisitive as they foraged along the shoreline. The long-tails are true to their other name, crab-eating, and looked decidedly unimpressed with the prospect of eating another mussel!:

Rhesus Macaque Monkeys eating shells from bucket, Vietnam


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